Dress Code
We know how dynamic your life is, we know how difficult it is to find time for entertainment and relaxation, we are aware that you go to theatre after a long day at work, which is why we do not require a specific dress code. However, flipflops, shorts or sportswear are highly inappropriate.

The etiquette requires that people in the audience take their hats off , ladies included, so they do not obstruct the view of the people seating behind them. Our venues are properly air-conditioned so we ask that you leave your coats and small luggage at the cloakroom. The service is complimentary.

Strong odors are unwelcome because of the close proximity of the seats – you never know what triggers your neighbor’s alergies.

Arriving at the Theatre
It is customary to arrive at the theatre 30 minutes before the announced starting time of the performances so you have enough time to leave your coat, “powder your nose” and find your seats.

We want you to enjoy your theatrical experience so you would come back again and again. For the purpose of interference-free performances doors close at performances’ start. For Maine Stage shows ushers could direct and seat audience on the balcony depending on seats availability. Theatre is a live form of art and as such requires the actors’ upmost concentration. Please, respect the actors’ work and your fellow audience, arrive on time!

Finding Your Seats
You are welcome to wait for the audience entry signal in the theatre lobby. At the signal the ushers would begin checking your tickets and show you to your seats. If you have already been seated and other audience members need to pass by you in order to rech their seats, it is customary to stand up to ensure both parties’ comfort.

Food and Beverages
Only still water is allowed in the theatre halls. As performances coincide with dinner time we advise you to have a bite before the show for your own comfort. There are plenty of restaurants and fast food places nearby.

Phones and Other Equipment
Before the start of the show you will hear an announcement – we kindly ask you to turn off your phones and other audiovisual equipment, which could interfere with the performance. Photo shoots and video or audio recording is not allowed during the performances. Sound and light could disrupt the actors’ concentration, the lighting setup, and the comfort of the audience. Camera use is also in violation of copyright.

We love children. We want to see them in our halls. We hope that you – their parents and teachers – would nurture their love for theatre. However, please note, that the productions of Plovdiv Drama Theatre are not suitable for children under the age of 12 (14 for some shows). We ask that you trust us that most plots, language, action, artistic means, etc. would not be well-percieved by a young audience.

If we were to produce a children’s show, we would find a way to let you know and welcome younger kids as well. It would be our pleasure!