A Teacher’s Views On Folk Art

by Kamen Donev



One-man show



Ralica Ruseva
Costume design
Pasha Neshkova
Kamen Donev and Kiril Dobrev
Ivaylo Ivanov
Dani Milev
проф. д-р Димитрина Кауфман, акад. Николай Кауфман, Цвети Радева
Dani Milev-guitar,voice, Teodosii Spasov-pipe,trumpet, Ivo Papazov-Ibryama- clarinet, Stoyan Yankulov-percussion, Antoni Donchev-original composition, Mihail Shishkov jr-bass,piano,guitar, Mihail Yosifov-trumpet, Dimitar Todorov-bagpipe, Iliya Iliev-accordion, Violeta Petkova-fiddle, Liubomir Jelev-pipe, Kostadin Ganchev-pipe, Kostadin Atanasov-clarinet, Eva formation-voice
Stoyan Radev and Vladimir Zenkovich
Chavdar Giuzelev



Plovdiv Drama Theatre is proud to have in its repertoire three shows by Kamen Donev. Kamen Donev is acclaimed as one of the most beloved and respected Bulgarian actors. Truth is Kamen cannot fit in just one category, whether it’d be actor, director, or writer. He is a universal artist.

A Teacher’s Views on Folk Art (along with his other shows) is written by the actor himself. He delivers to the viewers a detailed lecture on Bulgarians. Kamen skillfully weaves in the plot his unique sense of humor with folklore songs and dances, and like a true teacher gives an illustrative lesson in Bulgarian folklore and ways of living.

For more than two hours Kamen devotes himself entirely to the audience, relying mostly on his own skills. His charisma reaches people’s souls, the messages of his show echo long after the end of every performance. Quotes from the show spread by word of mouth throughout Bulgaria and beyond… just like folk art.

Since its premiere on October 16, 2007 until today Kamen has made dozens of Bulgarian towns burst with laughter. He has performed the show nearly 450 times to date (2017) and is the only actor who has overcrowded Hall 1 (4000 seats) of the National Palace of Culture 14 times with the same show.

A Teacher’s Views on Folk Art is acclaimed throughout theater festivals in Bulgaria, and also audiences in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Berlin,

Luxembourg, Vienna, Brussels, Troxy hall in London, and the Munich Philharmonic. Certainly the show’s 267,289 viewers are its greatest recognition— something yet unaccomplished by another production in the history of Bulgarian theater.

A Teacher’s Views on Folk Art features performances by the world-known Ivo Papazov-Ibriamа, Karandila Gypsy Brass Orchestra, Philip Kutev National Folklore Ensemble, as well as by the more locally famous percussionist Stoyan Yanklouv-Stundji and the pop and folklore singer Nina Nikolina.

Kamen Donev’s second lecture A Teacher’s Views on Education (2013) has repeated the success of the first show. His latest show About Weddings has filled the largest Bulgarian events venue – Arena Armeets Hall (12 000 seats) three times to date.


  1. COMEDY HIT OF THE SEASON— 2008 Kazanlak, Bulgaria /Audience Award/
  2. The International DRUMEV THEATER FEASTS Festival— 2008 Shumen, Bulgaria /Best Male Performance/
  3. BGMOT International Theatre Festival— 2008 Gabrovo, Bulgaria /Best Male Performance/
  4. National Festival OF THE SMALL THEATRE FORMS— 2008, Vratsa, Bulgaria /3rd place award for Male Performance; The award for Musicality and Singing/
  5. THEATER EUROPORTRAITS OF THE BALKANS— 2008, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria /Best Male Performance; Audience Award for Best Show/
  6. ZOLOTOY VITYAZ International Theatre Festival— Moscow /Bronze Vityaz for the show/
  7. The LYUBIMETZ 13 Award— 2009, Dimitrovgrad, Bulgaria /for Best Show/
  8. The ICE MASK Award and SHOW OF THE YEAR— 2009, Sava Ognyanov Drama Theatre, Rousse, Bulgaria