based on plays by Kamen Donev






directed by
Stayko Murdzhev
scenography and costume design
Stayko Murdzhev
Petar Dundakov
Mariana Yotova
assistant director
Vasil Duev
Georgi Vachev
Radoslava Boor


“According to Peter Brook two things are needed for and act of theatre to happen – an empty space and two people – one watching the other go through said space. This show is dedicated exactly to those two people – the actor and the viewer, nothing more, nothing less.
I love the human. He intrigues me. Sometimes he scares me. But more often he enchants me with his creative nature and drive to play. We play since childhood – we play doctors, lovers, parents, kids, artists, and when we grow up we continue to play, we switch roles, we dub roles and the play never stops. Sometimes we are so intoxicated with the play that we forget about it and we substitute dream with reality and vice versa. Homo Ludens and his borderline nature, his dramatic living, his poetic communication, his ability to change from one extreme to another without transition or warning, his firm determination to choose the play over the static realism of life – all these have been my inspiration for this show. It is based on texts written by an actor for actors. It is pure actors’ energy, a vortex of styles, masks, childlike sincerity and… flight. The director is purely an obstetrician – а helping hand for new art being born in the empty space of the black box.”

– Stayko Murdzhev, Director