The Thessalonica co-conspirators

by Georgi Danailov







Valery Petrov
Staged and directed
Staiko Murdjev
Scenography and costumes
Nikola Nalbantov
Petar Dundakov
Stage movement
Stanislav Genadiev
Songs text
Staiko Murdjev
Georgi Vachev
Teodora Simova


"THE THESSALONICAN CO-CONSPIRATORS" is a play for wild young hearts like powder kegs. For the throats in which there is only a wheeze and only a howl to the heavens. For the young mind shaken by the world's irreparable edifice. For trying to fix the unfair human dormitory with TNT.

"THE THESSALONIKI CO-CONSPIRATORS" resurrects the frantic nature of the Bulgarian era at the beginning of the 20th century and tells about the Thessalonica bombings, which took place in the period April 15 - 17 old style (new style - April 28, 29 and 30) 1903 in Thessaloniki. Their goal is to provoke the intervention of the European countries to improve the situation of the still enslaved Bulgarians in Macedonia and Odrinsko. The group of Shipmen blow up the building of the Ottoman Bank, the French ship Guadalquivir, the lights of the city are cut off.

"THE THESSALONIKI CO-CONSPIRATORS" is about the young hearts of the constant Bulgarian revolution, which eats its children before it begins. For their tragic knack for dying before they learn to live. For their intoxication with death as the only possible and acceptable exit to freedom.
About the inability of all of us to think of freedom and life as one.