Новата лекция № 3 за силата на словотоНовата лекция № 3 за силата на словото

About the power of words

by Kamen Donev


All our longings, desires and hopes often sink into the abyss of time or wither in the suffocation of everyday pettiness. And so the man who has passed the age of manhood wakes up one day and asks his heart, "Have I succeeded in doing what I wanted... am I a happy man... is my spirit at peace..."
There is a fire in man that always makes him do what he must. It doesn't care about logic, whether it's right or not, whether I should do it today or tomorrow... This fire completely irresponsibly and honestly just burns, illuminating the essence of the given person. In the end, it turns out that a person's only comfort is a kind word. Looking back on your life, you see how important it was to be heard and hear the person across from you. You understand the power of the word, which is incomparable to any other power. You realize the greatness of the human spirit, raised high by verbalism.

Kamen Donev