Two For The Seesaw

by William Gibson

110 Minutes


Elena Atanasova , Gerasim Georgiev-Gero

Production Team

directed by Bina Haralanpieva
scenography and costume design Teodora Lazarova
music Asen Avramov
poster Yavor Dimitrov


This is the long-run Broadway hit that gained stardom for Anne Bancroft in the role of girl from the Bronx whose love for a lonesome lawyer brings a few months of happiness into their lives. The lawyer is married to a beautiful, well-to-do girl in the midwest whose family sets the pace in local society and intends to run his marriage and his career as well. He has rebelled, come to New York, and taken up residence with this intriguing young woman. He is lonely and in need of consolation; she is one of those rare women whose only purpose seems to be making others happy. Their briefly fulfilling relationship is unhappily destined to failure: he is a cultured gentile with a wife and painful memories while she is a plain Jewish girl with little education and a horrible Bronx accent. They share happy and humorous moments together, but they both see with sadness the utter hopelessness of the affair.
 “It’s a whale of a hit, a bittersweet joy ride.” – The New York Mirror

“An absorbing, affectionate, and funny delight.” – The New York Daily News