The Palaveevi Sisters

based on Alek Popov's best selling novel


Production Team

dramatization by Alek Popov and Delyana Maneva
directed by Elena Panaiotova
scenography Petar Mitev
costume design Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova
music Asen Avramov
choreography Tatyana Sokolova
video design Petko Tanchev
animation Sotir Gelev
photographers Atanas Kanev and Georgi Vachev


The Palaveevi sisters are students at First Girls’ High School. The twins are seventeen; they are blond, slender and athletic. They come from a wealthy bourgeois family and despise their parents who live a wealthy life ignoring the problems of the masses. In search of a meaningful cause, Kara and Yara successively pass through popular for their time movements and doctrines – Theosophist, Danovists, Tolstoists, Brannitsists, and Communists. The main purpose of the sisters is to become “new people” after finding a cause which will make their life meaningful. Their desire to burn the bridges behind and cross over to “the other side” causes a tragicomic chaos involving various people and institutions.
In the show we witness their adventures, both funny and dangerous, as they become a part of a guerrilla group led by the notorious Medved.

Icarus Award for Debut – Boryana Bratoeva and Mila Lyutskanova
Askeer Nomination for Best Supporting Actor – Dobrin Dosev
Askeer Nomination for Best Costume Design – Nikolina Kostova-Bogdanova
Askeer Nomination for Best Contemporary Bulgarian Play – Alek Popov and Delyana Maneva for the dramatization of the novel The Palaveevi Sisters