The Bank Loan

by Jordi Galceran

105 Minutes


Asen Baltechki , Atanas Atansov , special appearance by Kalin Vrachanski and Vasilena Atanasova

Production Team

directed by Bina Haralampieva
translation Neva Micheva
scenography Petya Staykova
music Martin Karov
photographer Velina Kokalova


“They say theatre making is easy. One character wants something and another one gets in his way. You have your conflict. And drama is born from conflict. In this play a guy needs a loan and the bank manager doesn’t want to give him one. The guy seems helpless while the banker has the bread and the knife. It seems like there will not be a change in the balance of power. And then the humble man plays his hidden trump. He claims that he has a gift – some absurd talent, which would provoke a wind of change. One could believe the most foolish threat if it is spoken with sufficient seriousness. This story is not as much about money given on trust as it is about trust given on trust – it is about the ability to persuade the others in any idiotic thing. Our credibility is not so much dependent on the actual circumstances as it is on our approach. Is it possible to persuade whoever we want in whatever we want if we put on the “right face”? The Answer is “Yes”. – Jordi Galceran