Alexandar Sekulov


Alexander Sekulov was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He graduated from Professional School for Stage Arts as an assistant producer and has a Master’s in Bulgarian Philology from Plovdiv university “Paisii Hilendarski”. Sekulov has been the theatre’s dramaturg since 2012. He is a three-time recipient of the prestigious Askeer Award for best contemporary Bulgarian play for his plays No Power for the Electric Chair (2016), Debelyanov and the Angels (2019) and The People of Vazov (2022) . His play Odysseus based on Homer was awarded Plovdiv Municipality’s Prize for literature.

Alexander Sekulov’s works are translated in English, German, French, Hungarian, Serbian, Macedonian. He is the author of five poetry books, several books with essays, plays, and the journalistic book “The History of the Minimum Resistance. Chronological novel in one column” /2008/. Sekulov published the art collections “Nasco H. Stories with Rum, Ginger, Raisins and Honey” / 2005/ and „The Little Saint and the Black Pepper Men” /2007/ in partnership with artist Atanas Hranov. Sekulov and Hranov are the authors of the travelling exhibition organized by the Cultural Institute of the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs “The Floating Town and the Black Pepper Men” which premiered in 2008 at the Apolonia Art Festival in Sozopol.

He used to write the daily column “Under the Yoke” in “Maritza” newspaper from 1993 until 2009, for which he was awarded Plovdiv Prize for journalism in 1995.

Alexander Sekulov is a recipient of the following awards – “Tzvetan Zangov” /1985, 1986, 1987/, “Academica” /1988/, “Ivan Nikolov” /1998, 2004/, Askeer Award for Best New Play (2016, 2019, 2022) and is a multiple recipient of Plovdiv Prize for Literature.

He was the Executive Director of European Cultural Month – Plovdiv 1999.

He is a part of the open civil initiative “I Love Plovdiv” founded in 2005.

Alexander Sekulov is a creator and owner of two of the most popular music clubs – “King’s Stables” and “Rorschach’s Spot”. The clubs implement long-term programs in the field of jazz, theatre, literature, classic, pop and rock music, cinema, and education in partnership with British Council, “Ciela” publishing house, Czech Cultural Institute, Polish Cultural Institute, private and NGO organizations.

Sekulov is the founder of the art festival “Summer Time” in the Old Town of Plovdiv and of Plovdiv Music Stage organization.