A Teacher’s Views On Education

by Kamen Donev



One-man show

Kamen Donev


Kamen Donev
Kamen Donev
Paso doble, lindy hop and English waltz
Iva Grigorova
Break dance
Boyko Djelebov
Martial arts
Ivaylo Ivanov
Eva Perchemlieva - Tkanova, Krista and Alexandra Borisova - Sunny Matito Pokhoron
Matito Pokhoron
Rosen Chepilski
Nikolá Boev
Stefan Nenkov - 3inSpirit


The second lecture is constructed analogously to the previous first play, with the same didactic nature and absolute impossibility of being explained. The production is a two-hour long, we would say, multi-performance, because Donev is not alone, although most of the time he is physically alone on stage. There are his fast-flowing speech and inimitable rote of total madness and life wisdom; there is his seemingly unending breath, thanks to which he uses every part of the stage, dancing an English waltz, a Georgian dance, a disco, a swing, and then sings an aria from Rigoletto. There is his whole arsenal of jokes and lessons, flexibility of mind, talent and physical potential.

"How to love God, father?"
"By loving people."
"How can we love people?"
"By trying to get them on the right track."
"Which is the right way, father?"
"The steep one, kid, the steep one!"

"Captain Michalis" by Nikos Kazantzakis

The performance is not suitable for persons under 14 years of age.