by Peter Quilter



Няма предстоящи събития




translation by
Margita Gosheva
Stayko Murdjev
set and costume design
Petya Boyukova
musical score
Petar Doundakov
stage movement
Mariana Yotova
vocal consultant
Liliya Ilieva
Plamena Girginova
Georgi Vachev
poster design
Radoslava Boor


Тhe true story of Florence Foster Jenkins - the worst singer in the world

Laurence Foster Jenkins can't sing, not a note. Her tones are hopelessly unstable and horribly fake, she doesn't enter the tone softly and smoothly but scoops it up like a bulldozer, her timbre is terrible, she has no sense of rhythm and is completely devoid of sense of style and phrasing. And yet she became one of the biggest music stars of the twentieth century. And she dies smiling, smiling and satisfied with her glamorous and uniquely extravagant life.

Yes, Mrs. Jenkins is an untalented singer, devoid of any singing talent, but it is this lack of talent, combined with an extraordinary love for the beauty and majesty of art that makes her an icon, giving strength and faith to all those who dream of the blissful touch of great art, but they dare not. The true story of the world's most talentless singer is a beautiful and complex lesson in inspiration, a wise tale in which the magical treasure buried deep in Florence's heart is the Inner Truth. The inner truth, unshakable and definite, is that sparkling life force that gives the singer inexhaustible energy and will to go forward and stand up for her irresistible inspiration, to fight to the end with all those blatherers of blasphemy and mockery who have landed on the stands of her glamorous life , to stand up for his soul that wants to sing. And nothing can stop her, and no one can ever say she didn't sing.

Staiko Murjev


Icarus 2020 for Best Director – Stayko Murdjev
Icarus 2020 for Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Dimitar Banchev for the role of Cosme McMoon
Golden Kukerikon 2020 for Best Production