based on the novel by Alessandro Barrico






Translation of the novel
Tolya Radeva
Alexander Sekulov
Directed by
Diana Dobreva
Set design
Mira Kalanova
Marina Raytchinova
Music by
Petya Dimanova
Sound design
Yavor Karagitliev
Video design
Petko Tanchev
Georgi Vachev
Poster design
Yavor Dimitrov


Awards and nominations for the performance "Silk" based on the novel by Alessandro Barrico, adapted by Alexander Sekulov, directed by Diana Dobreva:

🏆 "Askeer" Award 2022 for the direction of Diana Dobreva
🏆 "Askeer" Award 2022 for scenography by Mira Kalanova
🏆 "Askeer" Award 2022 for Marina Raytchinova's costume design
🏆 Icarus Award 2022 for masterful technical implementation
🏆 "Plovdiv" Award 2022 in the "Theatre" section for the performance team
🏆 Nomination for "Icarus" 2022 for scenography:
Mira Kalanova (scenography)
Marina Raichinova (costumes)
Petko Tanchev (video design)
🏆 Nomination for "Askeer" 2022 for music by Petya Dimanova

In Silk, based on the world-famous novel by Alessandro Barrico, the seeker reaches beauty through the only known path - self-sacrifice in love. The main character of the story comes from a small village of trade, crosses the whole world to remain speechless in front of beauty - the only means of civilizations with which it is possible to cross time. In the empire of beauty, man discovers the true dimensions of his own spirit, realizes the price of love and humility. The great beauty of love as the end point and goal of the human journey through life is the theme of this performance. "Silk" is a metaphor for human anxiety.

The platonic love story between the French silkworm merchant Hervé and a nameless girl living in a Japanese village unfolds the metaphor of the road as a link between different civilizations, questions how compatible they can be at all, reveals diametrically opposed understandings of basic human categories such as success, profit, purpose of existence, social subordination, modernity and tradition. But above all the historical events marked in the spectacle - riots in Japan, the trial of Baudelaire's literary work "Flowers of Evil", the docking of American ships that broke the centuries-old isolation of Japan, the transformation of the French peasantry into an industrial bourgeois stratum - there is something immutable that reigns, that conquers both Eastern and Western civilizations: the inexplicable beauty.

The show is part of the HERITAGE program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture.

The project is part of the LEGACY program of Plovdiv – European Capital of Culture.

The performance "Silk" of the Plovdiv Drama Theater is the first Bulgarian production included in the official selection of the biggest theatrical event in the world - the Theater Olympiad