Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare




Staged and directed
Staiko Murdjev
Scenography and costumes
Nikola Nalbantov
Petar Dundakov
Stage movement
Stanislav Genadiev and Filip Milanov
Stage speech and Shakespearean speech
Sava Dragunchev
Аssistant director
Nikolai Yordanov


The Plovdiv Drama Theater is pleased to tell a modern tale about the path of great love, winding through the jagged rocks and gentle fields of human destiny.
Bits of wild wishes and colorful darkness will come to life on stage, assembled into a magical puzzle.
Performance - a beautiful carousel of passion, a whirlpool of dreams and feelings, in the vortex of which Shakespeare's great lovers are eternally alive despite death.
An unexpected performance, like a headlong descent to the bottom of the human soul, where love is the only reality.

Love dies and there is nothing sadder than that…
Love is a projection - the own film that we project onto the white canvas, which has taken the form of the person we desire.
Love is a frantic staring into non-existent horizons stained with the blood of the sacrifice called surrender.
Love is the secret garden where the flowers of ecstasy feed on the flesh of the dead who have fallen in a struggle for closeness.
Love is the tragic death of the real - what a huge dream everywhere!…
Love is the epic dying of the ego - you dissolve into the other and you are gone!
Love dies and there is nothing sadder than that, because after its death life begins.
Life after the death of love is an endless requiem, an endless cry, an endless howl against the death of light.