A Behanding in Spokane

by Martin McDonagh




Martin McDonough
Elitsa Yovcheva
Staged by
Elitsa Yovcheva
Set design and costumes
Alexandra Jotkovska
Svetoslav Dimitrov
Georgi Vachev
Poster design
Ralitsa Ruseva


The play "A Behanding in Spokane" is by the world master of modern black comedy Martin McDonagh, nominated for an Oscar for 2023 for the script and direction of "The Banshees of Inisherin".

In the incredible events of one man that is determined to find his own hand, cut off 37 years ago. In a hotel room like a zoo cage thrown out of the world, he encounters absurd people and everything must be resolved by a candle burning slowly over a jerrycan filled gasoline.
Elitsa Yovcheva's performance is funny and bitter at the same time, full of dark poetics. Through black humor, actors bridge the gap between who they are and what they are told they should be.

At the express insistence of the author, Emmanuel Kabanga - a boy from Angola, who came to study shipbuilding in Bulgaria, and suddenly finds himself on the stage of the first professional theater in Bulgaria - takes part in the performance.

"A Behanding in Spokane" is a black comedy about the loneliness of modern man.
A reflection on the frantic quest for meaning.
A reaction against extreme social sentiments where empathy is a whiff of something long forgotten.
A call for salvation from pettiness, vulgarity, drug addiction, aggression, auto-aggression, racism, discrimination, homophobia.

But above all, Faith in Art and Forgiveness as the only salvation from the cage of alienation.