Five Women Wearing The Same Dress

by Alan Ball






directed by
Atanas Atanasov
scenography and costume design
Petar Mitev
Petya Dimanova


You’ve heard the popular phrase: “The show is doomed to success”. The lack of modesty is typical for us artists, but in this particular case I believe there are two serious reasons for the inevitable success of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress. Firstly, the author! Alan Ball (Oscar winner of Best Original Screenplay for American Beauty) gathers five women, dresses them in identical gowns and gives them an important job – bridesmaids. Women in love, fragile, sensual, romantic, grasping, shameless… Drunk and intoxicated, obsessed with desire to possess and be possessed. By him! The only one, the unique, charming, seductive man! They laugh about him and at him. They speak about him…About his vice, and their own vice, about his vanity and theirs… About believing in God and following the Devil… Five women objurgate both themselves and the world, the way only women can, and make us shed tears of laughter! Five Women Wearing the Same Dress is а peek through the keyhole of the wedding boudoir…

Despite Alan Ball’s perfect plot maneuvers, the inevitable success of this play would not be possible without the powerful presence of five supreme actresses! Actresses whom nature has gifted with femininity, sex appeal, charisma, kindness … I am happy that I met them at Plovdiv Drama Theatre.

– Atanas Atanasov, Director