based on Homer, written by Alexander Sekulov






Directed by
Diana Dobreva
Set design and costumes
Mira Kalanova
Music by
Petya Dimanova
Live music
Yannis Pantazis
Deyan Georgiev
Video design
SENSELAB - visualization design - Petko Tanchev, audio engineer - Georgi Atanasov, technical director - Atanas Dinchev
Assistant scenographer
Gabriela Karjilova
Georgi Vachev (photographer) and Yavor Dimitrov (design)
Alexander Bogdan Thompson


From the creators of "Debelyanov and the Angels"

"Plovdiv" award in the "Theatre" section for a performance
"Plovdiv" award for Alexander Sekulov" for the play "Odyssey"
Icarus Award for Masterful Technical Implementation
GRAND PRIX Award for "Best Performance" International Theater Festival "STOBI"
GRAND PRIX Award for Directing International Theater Festival "STOBI"

The play "Odysseus" is a story about man's journey towards himself, against himself, beyond himself. The boy who went to Troy takes youth as a golden coating of his own name. A grown man who returns to his home island learns the wrath of the gods and what it's like to travel against time. But Ithaca is not the last port of call for one who is destined to be a hero. A prophecy propels him to a final journey beyond the known limits. On the shore stood Penelope - a woman who knows how to overcome separation to give love the only thing it deserves - eternity. For the journey to continue.

The play "Odyssey" is directed by Diana Dobreva / "Debelyanov and the Angels", "Caligula", "The Father", "Wolves"/ and uses modern digital technologies in an effective way.

Poems by Cavafys, Seferis and Ivan Metodiev are used in the performance.

"Odyssey" is a stage project of Drama Theater-Plovdiv, part of the program of Plovdiv - European Capital of Culture 2019.