A Month in the Country

by Ivan Turgenev





Margarita Mladenova
stage version and directed by
Margarita Mladenova
Set design
Ivaylo Nikolov
Assistant director
Albena Georgieva


A handful of lovely people on the last day of the love month. The long day of explanations, the full moon night of torment. Love as a natural disaster removes norms and inhibitions, hangs the characters above their own abysses. Turgenev's masterpiece, which overturned the Shakespearean plot from "A Midsummer Night's Dream", combined in a unique way elements of the aesthetics of Chekhov and Beckett, was turned into an acting celebration by the class of Professor Margarita Mladenova at NATFIZ. Three different ensembles take part in the joint performance with the Plovdiv Drama Theater - the Plovdiv audience will have the opportunity to see them consecutively until the end of the year. The joint venture is a conscious credit of trust to a new and talented theater generation. An opportunity to speak from the professional stage. To outline the space of tomorrow's theater as living art.

Co-production of Drama Theater - Plovdiv and NATFIZ