The Beginning Of The End

by Sebastien Thiery






directed by
Andrey Kaludov
Nikola Kaludov
scenography and costume design
Dilyana Asenova
music and video design
"Tangri" studio
Georgi Kolev
Yavor Dimitrov


When is a woman defined as attractive, desirable, young? Is love blind? The answers to these questions emerge from the vortex of hilarious and even shocking situations in the show The Beginning of the End. A long-lasting marriage could change everything between two people – feelings, desires, understanding. And when everything seems desperate, an unexpected idea saves the day – what if we choose to continue loving each other?

The successful businessman Alain Bauman believes that his young wife Nathalie is suffering from a bizarre disease that makes her grow old seven times faster than him. When he looks at her, he sees a weak disabled old lady. Their relationship is complicated and their sex life nonexistent. Alain even tries to send her to a nursing home. Nathalie refuses this absurd suggestion. Failing to get rid of her, Alain asks a young employee of his – Herve – to move in with his wife in order to take care of her while his boss is on a month-long business trip. When Herve moves in and meets Nathalie he is astonished to find she is anything but the old weak woman his boss has described her to be…