Дебелянов и ангелите

Debelyanov and the Angels

by Alexander Sekulov





Diana Dobreva
Scenography and costimes
Mira Kalanova
Petya Dimanova
Georgi Vachev
Vachev (photographer) and Yavor Dimitrov (graphic design)


In the performance "DEBELYANOV AND THE ANGELS", poetry does not lose the battle for life.
Only she restores love in the dark forest of war.
Only the poet is allowed to roam the garden of dreams to find words that make the world bearable and understandable.

At the beginning of 1916, a young man made persistent attempts to enroll as a volunteer in the Bulgarian army fighting on the Southern Front in the First World War.
His military rank is second lieutenant, his name is Dimcho Debelyanov.
Known to a small circle of literary brethren, without a published book.
Fate made him commander of the Fifth Company of the 22nd Thracian Regiment.

Lieutenant Dimcho Debelyanov went on an attack with the ordinary boys of this company on October 2, 1916 at 10:34 in the morning.
To begin his life as an immortal Bulgarian poet - never disputed, never denied, unconditionally loved, carefully preserved, becoming a symbolic figure in the consciousness of his people.

The performance "DEBELYANOV AND THE ANGELS" is the first attempt of the Bulgarian professional theater to touch the figure of the delightful poet.


"Askeer" Award for "Best Performance"
"Askeer" Award for "Contemporary Bulgarian Drama" for Alexander Sekulov
"Askeer" Award for "Directing" for Diana Dobreva
"Askeer" Award for "Scenography" for Mira Kalanova
"Askeer" Award for "Debut" for Nencho Kostov
"Plovdiv" Award 2019 in the "Theatre" section for the performance "Debelyanov and the Angels"
"Grand prize for supporting male role" from the festival "Theatre, I love you!" 2019 - Haskovo for Dobrin Dosev and everyone from the 5th company - Aleksey Kozhuharov, Venelin Metodiev, Dimitar Banchev, Ivaylo Hristov, Krasimir Vassilev, Nikola Oreshkov