Rose’s Dilemma

by Neil Simon


Hristo Garbov , Albena Pavlova , Radina Dumanyan , Todor Darlianov

Production Team

directed by Andrei Kaludov
translation Vanya Gancheva
scenography and costumes Petar Mitev
music and multimedia TANGRA studio
photographer Geori Vachev
poster Yavor Dimitrov


What is the price of personal success? Can it make you happy if it brings pain to your loved ones? How is love born? At first sight or at a mutual pain? In a desire to make something good for the other or simply as physical attraction? Scene by scene, the author is leading us to his philosophical idea for the only great love in one’s life. And without imposing  the idea, he shares his position that there is only one great love, but we only realise it when “the one” is gone.