by Sarah Ruhl

70 Minutes


Luiza Grigorova , Petko Venelinov , Stefan Popov , Damyan Tenev , Mariana Yotova , Radina Dumanyan , Boryana Bratoeva , Todor Darlianov , Troyan Gogov

Production Team

video Georgi Vachev
songs are performed by Gergana Dimitrova (voice), Rosen Balkanski (guitar)
poster and program Radoslava Boor
multimedia design Petko Tanchev
scenichna plastica i cirkovi nomera Benita Primo
directed by Stoyko Murdjev
scenography and costume disign Marina Raychinova
music Petar Dundukov
translation Matey Todorov


Your imagination will be astonished by Eurydice. The audience travels into the crepuscular lands of passion, crosses the Lethean stream and learns the language of inexplicable and eternal love. The show is а painfully beautiful tale of loss, which makes you believe even stronger. A tale of separation which makes the heart long for a new encounter.

Icarus Award for Best Scenography – Marina Raychinova
Icarus Nomination for Leading Actress – Luiza Grigorova
Icarus Nomination for Masterly Technical Support