What the Butler Saw

by  Joe Orton

120 Minutes


Production Team

directed by Krasimir Rankov
translation Hari Anichkin
scenography and costume design Dimitar Vodenicharov


What the Butler Saw is a comedy written by the English playwright Joe Orton, which will take your breath away. An unexpected audit of doctor Prentice’s clinic causes events whose speed and destructive force remind of a crazy ride on a roller coaster. The action is so dizzying that even the characters forget who they are and what clothes they wear. Each time the door opens the absurd puzzle of their relationships is rearranged and causes irrepressible laughter. A beautiful girl, a neurotic doctor, a sexually voracious wife, a crazy inspector, an ambitious bellboy and a frightened policeman get tangled in a complicated situation that will make the audience laugh to tears.