by Milen Ruskov

120 Minutes


Petar Toskov , Boyko Krystanov , Krasimir Vasilev , Asen Baltechki , Ivaylo Hristov , Petar Toskov , Venelin Metodiev , Hristo Pydev , Stanislav Ganchev , Troyan Gogov , Simeon Aleksiev , Krasimir Dokov , Todor Genov , Rusalina Chaplikova , Elena Kabasakalova , Lazarina Kotkova , , Svetlana Manovska , Radina Dumanyan , Ekaterina Georgieva

Production Team

dramatization by Alexander Sekulov and Ivan Dobchev
directed by Ivan Dobchev
scenography Ivaylo Nikolov
costume design Iva Gikova
music Asen Avramov
arms and special effects Manol Ruzhinov
photographer Georgi Vachev
poster Georgi Vachev and Yavor Dimitrov


Summit is set in Turkish-ruled Bulgaria in 1872, the feverish period known as the Bulgarian Revival. The pretentious pomp of revolutionary ideals is filtered through the consciousness of the practical Bacho Gicho and his credulous companion Asencho. These half-rebel, half-brigand ”revolutionaries” try to take care of their own well-being while liberating the nation and uplifting its spirit. These Renaissance heroes have no make-up and fake patriotism. Their rich uncultured Renaissance language reminds of our garndparents’ gentle speech.Their adventures “on the road to freedom” will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry.

Icarus Award for Best Director
Askeer Award for Début – Boyko Krastanov
Icarus Nomination for Debut – Krasimir Vasilev